Integrated assemblies

Integrated assemblies

These modules include not only a power or low noise amplifier, but also extra and additional functionalities like channel switching and filtering, frequency conversion, gain control, channel filtering, power monitoring and all the associated control and TM/TC electronics. ERZIA designs and manufactures integrated assemblies customized to customers’ needs and requirements. Final assemblies range from single amplifiers with added functionality to complete up/down conversion equipment, RF front-ends, or customized RF boxes for Radar, Telecommunications, Science and EW equipment among others.

ERZIA completely designs and manufactures this equipment providing all the necessary documentation and analysis (thermal, structural, electrical, environmental…) according to customer needs.
The manufacturing process follows our ISO 9001 and UNE.EN 9100 quality standards, following also specific MIL or Space standards as needed.

Customizing for you

  • RF front ends
  • Up/down converters
  • Active filter banks
  • Active switching matrixes
  • RF boxes
  • Integrated Control (FPGA or Microcontroller based)
  • Complete Receivers/Transmitters
  • Applications: Radar / EW / Science / Telecom

Quality guaranteed

  • Labview control software and GUI for instrument control and test routines
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • UNE.EN 9100 certification
  • Application of MIL standards as needed
  • Application of ECSS standards as needed
  • Airborne / space / ground equipment
  • Hi-Rel design and manufacturing procedures