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Vision & Mission

ERZIA serves critical aerospace and defense missions by designing and manufacturing radiofrequency and microwave electronic systems, and providing high reliable satellite communications. The company was founded in 2002 to become a worldwide reference of advanced engineering, performance, reliability and ruggedness, with the ultimate goal of enabling our customers to outperform in the most hostile environments.

Expanding together is our mission

To build rugged and high reliable electronic RF, microwave and communication systems

ERZIA team has a strong background on RF and microwave electronics, digital electronics, mechanics, embedded software and product development for aerospace and defense markets. Together with our state-of-the-start facilities and clean rooms, we provide RF electronics systems for the most complex missions where reliability and ruggedness are vital. Some of the most sophisticated scientific instruments onboard spacrafts carry ERZIA technology on board.

To provide satellite communication services with 100% availability

We provide satellite communication services to customers that due to their critical work and mission cannot afford having a service quality different than 100% availability. Our mission is to serve commercial shipping fleets, navies, government customers, world personalities, oceanographic and research vessels with broadband all-the-time available satellite communications services anywhere in the World.

To contribute to the advancement of science, technology and engineering

By taking part in some of the world’s most unique experiments such as ESA’s (European Space Agency) LISA Pathfinder mission, where ERZIA RF amplifiers will help to detect low-frequency gravitational waves in Space. Gravitational waves are ripples in space-time predicted by Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. Detecting gravitational waves would greatly enhance our knowledge of General Relativity and allow scientists to detect the impact of astronomical events.

Is your mission our mission? Together we build the future

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