ERZIA Technologies solves critical communication needs where standard technologies would fail, engineering solutions that take you further. We offer an innovative range of technologies and services to solve challenging problems across commercial, defence, security and space markets, from deep space to the oceans.

Space Systems

ERZIA Space provides space qualified acousto optical drivers amplifiers, solid state power amplifiers and RF SCOE and Power SCOEs satellite test systems.

Microwave and MW Systems

ERZIA Microwave & MM provides microwave and millimiter wave amplifiers and integrated assemblies for defence, security and scientific markets.

Datalink Services

ERZIA Datalink Systems provides Line-Of-Sight communication systems for unmanned vehicules.

MSS Satellite Communications

ERZIA MSS Satellite Communications provides satellite phones and portable narrowband satellite communications terminals and services of Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat and Globalstar satellite networks.

VSAT Communications

ERZIA VSAT Communications provides broadband satellite communications services for maritime, Enterprise and government markets.

Teleport Services

ERZIA SANTANDER Teleport is a Joint Venture of ERZIA Technologies of Spain and MTN Satellite Comunications of USA. It provides commercial and government teleport services through Santander Teleport located in the North of Spain, covering from the Atlantic to the Asian regions.

Luis Garcia

Luis García


As CEO, Luis Garcia manages the company and oversees the achievement of goals through the implementation of the company strategy. Luis founded ERZIA back in 2002 after a professional career as RF and Microwave Engineer in Ericsson Mobile Communications, having lived in Spain and Sweden. He is an MSc Telecommunications Engineer by the University of Cantabria of Spain and Global MBA by IESE Business School.

Francisco Canales

Francisco Canales


Francisco is Erzia's CFO and has been with the company for 10 years. He started his career in the steel industry in Tycsa PSC, a Celsa Group subsidiary. He is warm and approachable with his team and aims to motivate and work closely with everyone in the company structure. He promotes responsibility delegation and a great working environment.
Degree in Administration and Business management in Cantabria University, Spain.
International Business course in Maastricht University, Netherlands.
Comercial Engineering studies in Federico Santa Maria Tech. University, Valparaiso, Chile.
International MBA at Eudem Business School.

David Diez

David Diez

Vice President

David Díez is the Vice President in charge of Space, Microwave and Datalink Systems Business Units. After working as a research engineer in electronics and RF & Microwave in France and Spain, he joined ERZIA in 2005. His technical and business background makes him very close to the engineering team while being focused on business development and strategy. He is also a key contact point for main customers, with a strong commitment towards customer service and satisfaction. He is an MSc Telecommunications Engineer by the University of Cantabria of Spain and MBA by CEREM Business School.

Carlos Raba

Carlos Raba

ERZIA Santander Teleport CFO

Carlos Raba is Erzia Santander Teleport CFO. He joined the Company in 2011 to lead the Financial and Human Resources Departments. Degree in Economy from the University of Cantabria, Raba started his career in PwC, in the Audit Department. After four years there, he held the CFO and Human Resources Manager positions for five years in three companies from a variety of sectors before joining Erzia Santander Teleport.

Carla Mendez

Carla Mendez

ERZIA Santander Teleport NOC Supervisor

Carla Mendez is Erzia Santander Teleport NOC Supervisor. She graduated from the University of Cantabria with a degree in Telecommunication Engineering, specialty in radiocommunications. Prior to joining Erzia Santander Teleport, she worked in a range of Telecommunication areas from domotic to sound engineering.

David Andres

ERZIA Santander Teleport Business Development Manager

David Andres has been in the satellite industry for over 15 years working in the UK for BT and Arqiva in project management, systems engineering, technical sales support and team leadership roles. He joined the business management team in Santander Teleport in January 2014 to focus in new sales on existing and new markets.

Marian Ares

Marian Ares

Erzia Santander Teleport Network & IT Manager

Marian Ares is Erzia Santander Teleport Network & IT Manager. She has a degree in Telecommunication from the University of Cantabria. After working for a Consulting Company, she joined Erzia in 2008 and worked in several projects. She worked closely with the Technical Director in the construction of the Teleport where she was responsible for design and construction of the network and the terrestrial communication infrastructure.

Antonio Gutierrez

ERZIA Santander Teleport Operations Manager

Antonio Gutierrez has been with Erzia Santander Teleport from the very beginning. He was the first employee of the Operations Team before becoming the Manager of the Unit. Gutierrez graduated in 2005 with a Telecommunications Engineering degree, specialty in RF, from the University of Cantabria, and has been working within the Industry since then.

Luis Gómez-Hoyal

Financial Controller

Coming from a financial services background, Luis Gómez-Hoyal joined Erzia in 2007. His experience is related to business plans, capital markets, finance and accounting, where he is one of the references of the company. Luis works in close collaboration with the CFO being a point of contact for several financial departments of suppliers and customers. Luis has a Degree in Administration and Business Management by the University of Cantabria of Spain and a MBA Executive by Cerem Business School.

Julio Delgado

Quality Manager and Quality Auditor

Julio Delgado manages ERZIA’s quality requirements and ensures ERZIA products and services are delivered to the customers compliant with quality standards. Implanted ISO 9000 and AS9100 certified quality systems en ERZIA. Graduated in Physical Sciences by the University of Cantabria, joined ERZIA in 2007 after a professional quality career in other telecommunication companies. Simultaneously, he runs his own company, ASG METROLOGIA, a calibration laboratory for scientific instruments.